Eames DSW Chairs – The Timeless Designer Chair for Any Room

Loved by many, Eames DSW chairs have worked their way into design history and the museum of modern art. If you’re new to the world of Eames the odds are that you’ve already sat on many an Eames chair in your time on earth. Its simple, the DSW’s timeless ergonomic shape available in almost countless colours blends into almost any interior.   

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Eames DSW Chairs, The History

Originally design in 1950 the simplest and most concise product description of this iconic design would be “wooden leg, shell chairs”. The simple yet elegant design looks amazing wherever you put it in your home, office, restaurant or cafe. One of our favourite uses is in the dining room around almost any style of dining table this plastic side chair will instantly add a sheek touch to your roomOriginally created by the duo Charles and Ray Eames a husband and wife team of furniture designers known for creating mid century timeless pieces of furniture. Charles and rays forefront contender for most well known design would most probably be the Eames lounge chair, a refined addition to any living room, lounge study or bedroom.Scroll to the bottom of the page for our Eames DSW style chair frequently asked questions.

Other products from and for the DSW Chair Range

In addition to the standard 4 legged version of the chair, the design has also been echoed as a rocking chair and a swivel chair. There are even child size versions that will ensure your children’s seating areas look as refined as your own.We also stock versions of the chair that are covered in fabric and cushioned for additional comfort, especially valuable when you will be spending prolonged periods of time in the chair. If you don’t want to compromise on the visual joy of your DSW chair we also stock soft cushion seat pads that can instantly make the chair more comfortable.The wide range of cushion cover colours and styles also gives you another opportunity to enhance the interior design and colour pallet of your room, match up highly contrasting colours to create a real focal point and or splash of colour to a otherwise monotone or simple colour pallet. Alternatively you could opt for complimentary colours that help to pull your room together whilst adding a little visual diversity.

Can you use Eames DSW Chairs Outside

All Eames DSW chairs are weather resistant, however we would not recommend leaving your DSW chairs outside for prolonged periods of time or in bad weather. In the event that your chair has been left to nature for a while we would recommend giving it a through clean before use

Replica Eames DSW or Original

Original version of the DSW chair are eye wateringly expensive (1 original chair from most accredited retailers would cost the same price as 6 or more replica chairs). Whilst in the ideal world original chairs would be available and accessible to all, until then our replica chairs provide a happy medium that grants you access Eames members club. Fingers crossed the moment we can can afford to switch over to the real thing we will.

Eames Chair Care and Maintenance tips

One of the key selling points of this chair is its durability, the injection moulded ABS plastic for comfortable sitting and smooth wooden dowel legs and high-grade lacquered steel frame are not only aesthetically pleasing they also will stand up to the test of time and what ever you throw at this chair.To keep your chair looking at its best please take the below steps:

Cleaning the Plastic Shell

Wash the plastic part of the chair with a soft cloth that soaked in a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Depending on the colour of your chair your cleaning rota my vary, light/ white DSW chairs will need to be cleaned more frequently whilst darker colours may last a little longer. Remember to flip the chair over when cleaning to ensure you remove dirt from the underside.Spills on your chair should be cleaned immediately to avoid long lasting staining.Besides comfort a big benefit of also investing into seat pads for your DSW chair that your chairs will remain slightly cleaning for longer. The when your covers are dirty they are easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Cleaning the DSW Base

The base of your chair may collect dust, especially if your chairs are not frequently used. To clean your base once again use a damp lint free cloth. Once complete wipe dry with a clean cloth to avoid streaks.To give your chair base a deep clean use a soft cloth slight dampened with a high quality wood furniture cleaner.Once again when done wipe dry with a clean dry cloth.Please refrain from using oil based waxes, polishes or abrasives that are oil based.When cleaning your DSW chair please avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners

Eames DSW Style Dining Chairs FAQ

What does DSW stand for?
DSW is an abbreviation for “dining height side chair wood”.
Is the Eames DSW Chair Comfortable?
The Eames DSW chair is ergonomically designed for comfort so you can rest assured that you will be able to sit in your new beautifully designed chair and feel relaxed. However as the seat of the chair is made from plastic sitting in it for extremely long periods of time may result in the chair feeling less comfortable.If you will be sitting in your chair for prolonged periods of time, or if you’re lucky enough to have less posterior padding then the rest of us then we would recommend looking at our extensive range of Charles and Ray Eames seat pads.
Will the chair arrive fully assembled?
No the chair will arrive dismantled in order to fit the component parts into a small box, which is cheaper to post and more environmentally friendly than dispatching the chair fully assembled in a larger box.If for whatever reason you would like the chair to de delivered fully assembled please get in touch, please note that an alternative delivery charge will be applicable (price dependant on the volume of chairs ordered).
How easy is it to assemble the chair?
As simple as 1, 2, 3. If you’ve ever bought and assembled anything from the popular Swedish home furniture superstore you will have no problem assembling one our Eames DSW style dining chairs.
What are the dimensions of your DSW style chairs?
The dimensions of the chair are listed on each DSW product page. Please also see the below image for further detail:eames-dsw-style-chair-dimensions