Pretty in Pink DIY Flamingo Artwork Tutorial

So i’m slightly obsessed with Flamingos right now and my daughter seems to be baring the brunt of this obsession!  I’ve decided to paint a flamingo picture for her bedroom to hang above her dresser.  This is a mega simple and pretty quick DIY artwork tutorial that could easily be done in a couple of hours.

I purchased a box canvas from The Works for around £7 and am using some leftover tester pots from the cupboard – so literally, a bespoke piece of artwork for under £10!



Step 1.

I had a quick look on Pinterest for some inspiration, i wanted something pretty simple (i’m not exactly a fine artist!), bold and fun.
Firstly I sketched the outline onto the canvas with pencil.


Step 2.

Then i started with the darker of the two pink colours ‘Wilkos Cupcake’.



Step 3.

I filled in the lighter pink colour ‘Wilkos Candy Cane’ on the wing and the black beak.


Step 4.

Then finished off by giving the background a coat of white for a fresh crisp finish and also to cover the last of the pencil marks.  In hindsight I would had tried to erase some of the unwanted pencil marks before I started painting as these were surprisingly hard to cover up with the white paint.  It wasn’t the end of the world, it just meant a couple more coats of white paint than I had anticipated.  Anyway, very pleased with the result, what do you guys think…….
Flamingo 1
Flamingo 2

flamingo 3
Flamingo 4

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