The Perfect DIY Baby Shower Hamper Gift

Just a quick post to talk about the hamper I put together for my Sister-in Law’s baby shower last week.  I really wanted something personal that would be genuinely useful so I tried to think back to when I had Bella and all the things that I found helpful when she was little.

I started with the simple and boring stuff – good old Sudocrem, perfect for nappy rash and the infamous Lansinoh nipple cream, which is a life saver for breast feeding mums!

When I had Bella I received a Calendula ‘baby on the go’ kit from Weleda which was fantastic as I could try out small samples of beautiful natural products before deciding which I needed and which I didn’t.

I couldn’t put this hamper of useful things together without some extra large muslin squares!  These things are were literally attached to me wherever I went with Bella.  They are amazing to put on the sofa to lay your little one on, to use as a lightweight blanket, a sunshade over the pram or car seat and of course – as a traditional muslin too!

Living in London is fab with a baby but if you have ever tried to get on a bus in London with a pram you will understand the importance and convenience of a sling.  I opted for the stretchy sling with bella and found it really comfortable, so purchased a lovely soft grey one for the hamper.  It makes life soooooo much easier, and is a lovely experience to have your baby so close to you.  Bella loved it too, and would sleep endlessly when it in. Bonus!

Next up was something I hadnt really planned on as its not practical or particularly useful…..but Oh My Goodness it is too adorable not to buy!  This little babygrow from Mothercare is too cute for words.  Its all in one but is make to look like a little pair of navy blue shorts, white shirt, grey waistcoat and navy bow tie! (heart melts!!).

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Ok, back on track……i found it useful in the beginning to log breast feeding times and duration so I had a record for myself and future check ups – so a lovely little spotty notebook goes into the hamper.

I didn’t actually have the next item but wished I had as they are so adorable –  Milestone Cards!  These are large playing cards that have things such as ‘I sat up for the first time today’ and ‘I slept through the next for the first time’ on them so you can take a pick of your little one holding them (or laid upon them depending on age!) for lovely memories.  I got the Peter Rabbit ones, but other styles are available and also ones for during pregnancy and also for twins.

Back to another not essential but super cute purchase – that beauitul fluffy lop-earred bunny rabbit!  I hope my Nephew loves him, because I did and nearly didn’t put him in!

And finally something for Mummy – a gorgeous mug from Joules for the much needed coffee to start the day.  If you have to drink decaf, it may as well be in the prettiest mug possible!

I chose to place everything in a lovely wicker basket as I thought this would be useful to keep and use after the baby arrives and it really suits my Sis-in Laws style, but obviously you could choose any style you wish.  I also Wrapped the whole lot on clear celophane with a big bow on but forgot to photograph it before keaving for the baby shower! Doh!

Anyway, hopefully that gives you some inspriation for any up -coming baby showers you may be attending.  My Sis-in-Law was really touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift and I’m sure your recipient will feel the same and appreciate the effort.  As always, I was running late when putting this gift together so didn’t order anything online (apart from the stretchy sling) and got it together in a day.  So even if you feel like youve left it too late, trust me – theres still time!!!

IMG_4606 edited

Babygrow (blue shorts, white t-shirt, grey waistcoat & navy bow tie) – Mothercare – £15
Stretchy sling – Ebay – £10.99 (not seen)
Pack of extra large muslin squares – TK Maxx – £9.99
Fluffy rabbit – TK Maxx – £7.99
Grey and gold notebook – TK Maxx – £2.99
Peter Rabbits baby milestone cards – Mothercare – £9.99
Floral mug – Joules @ John Lewis – £9.95 (not seen)
Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream – Boots – £8.99 (not seen)
Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream – Boots – £2.99 (not seen)
Calendula ‘baby on the go’ kit – Weleda – £7.99 (not seen)
Wicker basket – TK Maxx – 5.99


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