DIY Ceramic Clay Jewellery Dish & Ring Holder Tutorial

Ring holder with rings and watch in background

Its my sisters birthday coming up and I wanted get her something useful for her home.  To say she is a lover of jewellery would be an understatement so I decided to make her a cute little jewellery bowl completely with ring stand.  This is a super easy project that you can jazz up any way you like.  I’ve used air-dry clay to construct it which is so versatile in ways to decorate – the world is your oyster.  If you fancy giving it a go, here is how I did it.


Air dry clay


Rolling pin



Clear varnish

Step 1.

Roll out air dry clay to around 0.25 – 0.5cm thick and cut a circle with a cookie cutter.  I used a plain edge circle, but you could use a scalloped edge one, or even experiment with alternative shapes.
Sit this within a bowl to create a slight curve on the edges.

Jewellery dish in bowl


Jewellery dish


Step 3.

Take a piece of air dry clay and roll by hand into a cone shape – this will be your ring holder.  Leave both bowl and cone to dry for 24 – 48 hours.



Step 4.

Sand to a nice smooth finish.

 Ring holder and jewellery dish


Step 5.

Stick the cone to the dish – I used a hot glue gun – and hide the joint with a little clay.  Once dry, paint with your chosen colour.  I went for Farrow & Ball.

Front image jewellery holder painted matt


 Jewellery holder angled painted matt


Jewellery holder top painted matt


Step 6.

I chose to embellish with some gold leaf and gave it a coat of clear varnish to seal it……..I hope she likes it!

Jewellery holder front view painted gloss


Jewellery holder angle view painted gloss


Jewellery holder top view painted gloss


Finished jewellery holder angled with rings


Final finished image jewellery holder painted gloss


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