DIY String Wine Bottle Vases

Have you ever noticed how lovely some wine bottles are – and I am talking EMPTY wine bottles! Some of them have the most beautiful shape and are really quite stunning and I just can’t bring myself to throw them into the recycling.  I currently have a slightly bare area on my shelf that I would love to create something for.

This is really quick and easy and uses barely any materials, just a ball of string or twine and some glue.

I’m really sorry for the lack of step-by-step photo’s on this post, but I promise its super easy!

I’m simply going to glue the end of the string at the base of the bottle, then keep winding round until I reach the top *WARNING! Be patient, this can be more time consuming that you may think!*

I just added a spot of glue every now and then just to keep what I have done so far in place.

Eventually you will end up with a fully wrapped bottle!

Now, the question is….leave it au naturel, or paint!?  My living room in very ‘white’ themed so I have decided to paint it white and add a pop of colour in a band around the base to tie it into my colour scheme. What do you think?







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