DIY Marble Photo Frame Tutorial

A super quick DIY for you – it literally took me 5 minutes to do this and updated a wooden photo frame that didn’t suit my living room.  I love the results and now have quite a line up of frame waiting for this treatment now.  So here’s what you need, as you can see….its quite an extensive list!


Marble effect contact paper

Craft knife or scissors

And, well…..thats it! :)


Step 1.

I took the glass and photo out of the frame, leaving it ready to wrap in the contact paper.  I didn’t prepare the frame surface in any way, I guess you could sand it slightly to create more of a grip for the contact paper, but mine worked just fine without doing this.

Step 2.

I laid the empty frame on the contact and cut around it leave enough of a margin to cover the edges and back of the frame.  Obviously the back park won’t be seen so doesn’t need to be particularly neat but I wanted to cover it a reasonable amount mainly to create a good grip.

Step 3.

Remove the backing of the contact paper and place the frame face down onto the sticky side.

Step 4.

Cut an ‘X’ from the corners of the inside of the frame.

Step 5.

Wrap the inside triangles around the frame.

Step 6.

Cut the excess from the outside edges and wrap around the frame from outside inwards.  This is the back of the frame which will not be seen so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect.
And that really is it!  Pop the glass and photo back into the frame and enjoy!

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