Beautiful Bedroom With Copper Hints


  1. Marble Top Bedside Table / 2. Bronze Lamp / 3. String Hanging Shelf / 4. Pom Pom Bedding / 5. Marble Tray / 6. String Hanging Shelf / 7. Succulent Tray / 8. Velvet Quilt / 9. Picture Shelf / 10. Copper Lampshade / 11. Succulent Pots / 12. Bed Cushions / 13. Grey Bedding / 14. Air Dry Clay Dishes / 15. Concrete Tissue Box / 16. Ply House Tissue Box
    Since moving into my flat 2 years ago, my bedroom has remained white in colour and minimal in decoration. I wanted a very white and minimal look – but its currently looking a bit unloved and unfinished. With so many ideas whizzing around my mind at most times I was struggling to decide on a definite direction to head in. I don’t want to change to much about the room and the furniture layout has to stay as it is, but it really just needs tying together and finishing off. So I put together this moodboard to draw my attention to the areas that need focus.
    I have a lovely long picture shelf that needs to be filled. Currently displaying a variety of white frames with black and white images. I intend on adding to this with some additional texture and colour – some light grey and pale wood will warm up this area.
    Picture shelf

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    I plan to make some of these gorgeous string shelves to hang on an empty wall. Its just a stud wall so the shelving will be for small display pieces – definitely some succulents!
    Hanging Shelf

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    I already have a painted white tray which I plan to cover the base with marble contact paper and display some trinkets and handmade air-dry clay pots on the bedside table. This will be perfect as I have an annoying mark on the top of my bedside table that i cannot get rid of!
    Marble Tray

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    I also have a glass table lamp which I will spray the base of with antique copper paint. The glass doesn’t really tie in with anything else in the room and I have had the lamp for years so would love to update it.
    Table Lamp

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    Obviously once complete I will upload the ‘reveal’ to show you the finished result……can’t wait!!!

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