10 Cheap & Simple Ways to Update Your Home

1. Update a bare wall with Cork!

If you have never looked into cork for your home, it’s a really amazing material.  It is made from tree bark which is harvested every 7-9 years, leaving the trees intact and completely unharmed.  In the process of reproducing the stripped bark the trees actually absorb more CO2 for the atmosphere meaning this material is as environmentally friendly as it gets!  So, that’s the technical bit…..now back to interiors.  Cork has a lovely warm tone and texture so works really well as wall panels.  Why not update an empty wall in your home and create a floor not ceiling notice board!  This works particularly well in kitchens but could be used as a purely decorative material in the lounge/bedroom or even bathroom.

Cork is super affordable too and comes in rolls and also tiles, here are a couple of places it can be purchased –

Cork Tiles – Wickes

Cork Tiles – Homebase

Cork Roll – Ebay

Home Story

Credit: Petra Bindel for Swedish Elle Decoration


2. Move over to the dark side

It may be Spring time but when it comes to interior trends, dark dark dark is where it’s at!  You could go for a simple colour block technic or go all out and paint all the walls including the woodwork too.  Make sure you off-set the dark walls with some bright pops of colour, maybe some statement pieces of furniture?  It’s a simple way to make an enormous impact on your home.  A great way to experiment with this look is to jump in feet first with a small cloakroom or guest bathroom.  Dark colours look fantastic in space spaces like these and you can be really dramatic and playful with it.  If you’re thinking of taking it a step further you could re-tile the floor with some amazing statement tiles.

Here are some of my favourite dark colours –

Farrow & Ball – Stiffkey Blue / Studio Green / Drawing Room Blue

Paint & Paper – Tallenstown Grey / Hornblende / Bronze

Dulux – Bowler Hat / Deep Aubergine / Creative Coal

Little Greene – Basalt / Jack Black / Obsidian Green

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3. Bright graphic cushions and artwork

Soft furnishing and artwork are the easiest and most non-committal way of making a style statement.  Easily changed with your mood and can even be handmade for totally unique additions to your home.  Pinterest will provide you with DIY tutorials for both cushions and art…..experiment and let your creative juices flow!

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4. Unique items of furniture

If you have anything you are planning on disposing of – just take a second to think about whether it could be used elsewhere.  Be inventive!  Your creation will be one of a kind……even more special than designer!

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5. Wacky walls

Walls don’t just have to be painted one or two colours, check out this wonderfully wacky paint scheme.

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6. Paint existing furniture for pop of colour

This is such a wonderful way of quickly and cheaply update your home.  Take a piece of furniture that is a bit tired or you’re just bored of and give it a pop of colour.  Pretty much any material can be painted, wood just needs a light sanding, undercoat and then your chosen colour.  Plastic/glossy/metal materials can be painted with the use of specialist primers before your bright topcoat.  This is an easy weekend project for all level of DIY capabilities.

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7. Feeling Lazy? Half paint your walls!

This is such a fun way to add some colour to room. A much more contemporary take on conventional decorating – I love the rough edge!  And no messing around with masking tape, yey!

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8. A splash of colour for your window reveals

This is an amazing little trick to brighten your windows.  Obviously you could choose any colour you wish but if you go for yellow, it give the daylight a lovely warm glow as it enters your home – it really does work!

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9. Need a new headboard – just paint one on….Yes, really!

You couldn’t get a cheaper headboard than this for your bed!  Fantastic for rented accommodation as it can be easily painted over or could even be created using washi tape and simply peeled off when you move out!  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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10. Update curtains with pompoms and paint your tired curtain pole bright

Achieve an affordable and fun window dressing with some plain curtains, these Ikea ones are perfect http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50046048/ and some pom pom trim http://www.frumble.co.uk/shop/trims/pom-pom-trim/jumbo-pom-pom-trim-all-22-colours with a simple straight stitch along the edges and ta dah!  Also, if you fancy taking it a step further try painting the curtain pole too.

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Even a small update to your home can revive your love for the place and invigorate your enthusiasm to just keep on going!

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